Harpy 27 is a wearable Electro-Acoustic hand made harp with a unique and modern look. It includes:


- Strap and Tuning Key

- Incorporated high quality pick-up system, 1/4 inch connector. 

- 27 strings. G2 to B27

- Engineered tuning pegs, designed and inspected by a mechanical engineer.

- Advanced tuning pins, allowing a precise tuning.

- Perfect curve, mathematically tested.

- Plated eyelets that allow the strings to be durable.

- American nylon strings, Harpy® exclusive brand.

- Curved sound-box that allows a much richer sound projection, with an exclusive and registered design.

- Upgrade to a chromatic system with french levers for only $499. It will allow the following keys: Eb – Bb – F – C – G – D – A – E – B


See more about harpy: https://www.kikibello.com/harpy



Harpy 27

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